Illumineer uses a consultative approach that leverages profound subject matter expertise and project management experience to help clients develop effective strategies to address their energy management challenges on a sustained basis.

Our energy audits deliver a comprehensive view of energy management opportunities within operation(s). We measure what is difficult to measure to define problems and achieve measurable improvements in the reduction of energy waste and the maintenance of those gains not unlike a DMAIC Six Sigma process improvement approach.

Illumineer can also help you take advantage of financial incentives to defray the cost of energy audits and LED conversion projects with custom luminaires fabrication for retrofits that align with the design. Case Study results show significant reductions in energy used for lighting with ROI payback within 10 months.

If you can invest a small bit of time to learn a few basic things you will comprehend our value proposition and understand why those who fail to consider Illumineer have not done their due diligence.


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