Illumineer lighting fixtures are designed for optimal cost, affordability, performance, style, installation, maintenance and disposal and they contain no mercury or lead. The Illumineer Versalite for example, is an LED fixture that produces more Lumens per Watt (146 LPW) than LED tubes (85 LPW) in fluorescent fixtures at a similar acquisition cost and a much lower operating cost. It is designed with a one-screw hanging panel that enables rapid efficient two-handed installation, repairs and maintenance.

Paguro is a Class 2 submersible splice connector that for underground wiring found in our outdoor lighting caltalogue. To learn more please download our Catalogues using the links below.


catalogue coverOur catalogue offers products, services and information designed to help you plan and execute projects in ways your customers will value. Lighting diagrams and IP charts are included to identify the most appropriate in-ground wiring for a given situation.

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The VERSALITE was designed for office, lab and school environments where recessed lights are found among overhead ceiling panels. The VERSALITE is similar to a T5 HO except for the fact that it uses a lot less power and delivers higher lumen output. Indirect light benefits include workspace illumination that is more effective and efficient; often with fewer fixtures to install and maintain and the elimination of glare.

The VERSALITE is designed to fit easily within a 2’x4′ fixture with dimensions that can be specified as 600mm x 600mm (Square) or 600mm x 1200mm (Oblong). It can be configured for low, medium or high lumens with “dimmable” and color temperature options ranging from warm (3000 °K) to neutral (3,500°K) to cold (4000°K) light. This product uses ANSI/BIN chips and works with 120V–277 V with an option for 347V within Canada.

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