Small to medium volume buyers face difficulty finding parts and components especially when non-standard sizes, colors, shapes and lengths and needed.

Illumineer sources parts from global manufacturers including QLT  Relco, Leuci, VLM, Leonardi, Stegno and STEAB covering all stages of the lighting systems life cycle.

We ask questions to determine exactly what’s needed and may suggest alternatives based on the knowledge and experience we’ve acquire over the past three decades.

We help architects and designers realize their visual intent for clients. We help property owners maintain and extend the useful life of lighting fixtures and we address problems retail lighting stores are not interested in solving.

We also repair lamps and produce LED modules to upgrade fixtures for electrical contractors who want to use their time in field more profitably.

When Brookfield Place needed to reduce the amount of energy used to illuminate their lobby within historic registry guidelines, Illumineer developed an award- winning solution that reduced energy use by 83% using their existing brass fixtures.

When condo owners asked an electrician to increase light levels in the parking area and use less energy. Illumineer developed a custom LED retrofit kit that achieved both objectives with less time and money than all alternative options.

When a commercial ski resort property manager realized the sconces were too fragile, Illumineer developed a  “bullet proof” solution that eliminated the problem with frequent damage. We later fabricated LED fixtures for their parking areas.

We offer disposal services for products we make because they are lead and mercury free.


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Energy Management Group

We audit overall energy use in your operation(s) to identify reduction opportunities. Tis should be considered now while incentives remain available to offset the cost of energy audits and equipment purchases. We anticipate implementation of cap and trade regulations soon.
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Custom LED fixture design, development, fabrication

If you need to reduce energy use and/or improve the aesthetics of the light you live and work in, please contact us.

Parts and Repairs

We fully service and support all lighting fixtures old and new at the Illumineer Lighting Solutions Centre.